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Sprockets and chains for the Keenan, volume washer pipe goes in the dairy sheep work

7.26pm - Monday 12th February 2024 8,919

Mostly a sheep day today it’s been needed  Sorting out which lambs want to go to the auction and which lambs need to go to the collection centre. This is determined by their weights. The collection centre will only pay up to a certain weight. Therefore if you send heavy lambs you do not get paid for all of them, so it’s best to send these to the auction me and Roy grab the lambs and put each one through the scales to weigh them. It is time-consuming and very annoying and there’s usually lots of language in the big shed. The washer goes in the dairy the Alcine pipe is huge road forms are taken up and lots of levelling out. The Keenan is also fixed with a new small sprocket and a new chain, the chains are huge, but at least we can now feed the animals quickly

 in 2009 i had no experience of farming or the realities that came with it. That soon changed when I met my other half Roy, I had a job as a carer and in every spare moment threw myself into farming. I had only ever driven a Nissan Micra and had experience with horses, I learnt the hard way as nobody had the time to show me and soon after arriving I found myself mothering on calves to three quarter bred limmy cows. We spent every available moment on the farm between our day jobs. Fast forward to 2016 two children later we moved into our very own farm overlooking the northern Pennines, Laitha.

we are in a transitional period at present and will finally be milking cows and making the final switch later this year, after years of planning and implementing infrastructure we will be milking 120 Jersey cows on two Lely robots. This will be a huge change and a steep learning curve

I will be taking you all along for the ride so hit that subscribe button and see you every other day for farming vlogs.

I am overjoyed to be a farmer. I feel so fortunate every day to wake up and do what I love and even better share it with the world and hope it inspires more young people from Preston to spread their wings and think outside the box the world doesn’t need more childcare workers or hairdressers it needs more farmers.

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