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When is a good time to start a farm? - Tokie from Southern Sunny Acres

4.15pm - Monday 26th February 2024 585

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Ty and Tokie Morgan own Southern Sunny Acres, a veteran-owned family farm established in 2021 to provide nutritious, pasture-raised proteins to the local East Texas community.

The farm's name honors Ty and Tokie's grandparents' farm, Sunny Acres, in Nebraska which sold fresh vegetables at the farmers market and inspired their passion for providing farm-fresh food. For over 10 years, Ty and Tokie have studied sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices that allow farming without chemicals by working with nature.

They believe food should nourish the body in ways that processed foods cannot. At Southern Sunny Acres, they aim to make this nourishing food available locally while regenerating the soil through chemical-free, natural practices that create growth cycles.

Their shared dream since marrying in 2006 was to grow their own vegetables, meat, and care for the land. After purchasing land in 2019, Southern Sunny Acres became a reality in 2020.

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