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How to budget, plan, and grow your farm - Luke from Groce Family Farm

3.15pm - Tuesday 12th March 2024 683

Groce family Farm:

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About Groce Family Farm
Luke and Katherine Groce started Groce Family Farm near Louisville, Kentucky after getting married in 2009. They began farming to feed people nutritious food while living close to the land in a way that brings regeneration and abundance.

For the first four years, they focused on chemical-free vegetables. As they sought to align more with nature's rhythms, they added pastured pork in 2014. In 2015, they purchased a farm in Crawford County, Indiana.

Over time, they added four children to their family, gained farming knowledge, and grew in understanding how to raise healthy, abundant food in a way that benefits the whole ecological system.

Today, Groce Family Farm offers forest-raised pork, pastured chicken, duck, turkey, grass-fed lamb and beef through their meat CSA, farmers markets, restaurants, and grocers in the Louisville and Southern Indiana region.

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