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3.29pm - Saturday 29th January 2022 50,559

A change is as good as a rest so this week we decided to give the M7-153 Kubota tractor a try. Huge thanks to @FJS Plant Repairs Ltd for dropping it out to us on demo. FJS Plant specialise in the sale, repair and spare parts for all plant machinery. They are the main dealer for Kubota construction Equipment, liugong Excavators, Furuakawa Rockbreakers, NC Dumpers, Robi Demolition Equipment and are situated in Timahoe, Co.Kildare.

With only 17 hours on the clock, we gave the Kubota a good spin and had it on the road drawing sprouts back to the yard with the Broughan trailer. It was then paired with the dump trailer and headed off to the field where the lads had it working hard , schlipping and schlidding on the soft ground.

So lots of really positive feedback for the Kubota....the orange is a welcome change from the usual colours of the Finnegan's could spot it a mile away.....The final verdict was a good solid tractor, great vision with a big front window and side windows and panel in the roof, comfortable cab and handy barcode for accessing the instruction manual.....and last but not least...just close the eyes and she will pull like a dog!


Categories Potatoes, Arable
Country Ireland

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