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There's only ONE "Farm Girl"!
Meet Female Farmer Suzanne, otherwise known as "WTFarm Girl" (What The Farm Girl). Both her and her husband Erik are FIRST-GENERATION farmers -- Suzanne being raised a City Girl.

With Erik working full-time at a job off the farm, it was up to Farm Girl to keep things running despite her gross lack of experience on their 87 acre farm growing hay and maple syrup and a variety of critters!

Now, 8 years later, she is the HEAD FARMER, keeping everything rolling and growing, and showcasing her adventures for YOU along the way! Whether it's fixing a flat tire, broken equipment, or trying a new style of farming, she's eager to get it done!

With the help of THESE VIDEOS, you can watch and help support her adventures in agriculture! Profits earned from these videos are used to help grow the farm, so THANK YOU for being a SUBSCRIBER and WATCHING!

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